This workshop provides an introduction to REDCap for the development and management of registries and surveys through hands on exercises. The skills taught can help maximise the value of the data being captured in clinical studies. No prior statistical or computing knowledge is required.

Recommended Participants

Clinical, translational and health service researchers, health service managers, research managers and others wanting to learn about the capabilities of REDCap. No prior experience of using REDCap is necessary.

Learning Objectives

  • Create a project and a data collection instrument
  • Import and enter data and manage data and participants through the Record Status Dashboard
  • Set up a longitudinal study with repeated measures at different timepoints
  • Create an invited survey and a public survey and set up security permissions for individual users
  • Apply quality checking and validation steps to move a project from development to live production


  • Collecting data via instruments
  • Importing data, creating simple reports and exporting data
  • Creating longitudinal studies and follow up surveys
  • Managing security access through roles and individual permissions
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