This hands-on practical workshop is an introduction to long read next-generation sequencing data and using SMRTLink.

Recommended Participants

Biologists and other life scientists planning to work with long-read (PacBio) next-generation sequencing data for genome assembly

Learning Objectives

  • Perform QC evaluation and filtering on long read next-generation sequence data
  • Use SMRTLink to assemble genome
  • Visualise assembly using SMRTLink 
  • Assess genome quality using BUSCO and Augustus 
  • Export genome data files for downstream analysis


  • Introduction to long read next-generation sequencing data
  • Differences in genome assembly from short and long-read next-generation sequencing data
  • Using SMRTLink to manage sample data, perform quality control filtering and for genome assembly
  • Visualisation of assembled genome in SMRTLink
  • Export of genome for downstream analysis and assessment of genome completeness
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